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Once I published my "paper baby," I realized that I had much more work to do to "deliver" Detours: Unexpected  Journeys of Hope Conceived from Infertility to the public. Advertising and marketing the book became my full-time job. First, I became a professional member and partner with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association because this organization was my lifeline during my own struggle with infertility. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Detours will be donated to RESOLVE so that I can give back.  Next, I had a huge book launch that coincided with the press releases I sent to all the radio stations and newspapers in my home state of Michigan. Within just 10 days of launching, Detours climbed to the #1 bestselling infertility book on AMAZON. In addition, Detours was released just a few weeks before National Infertility Awareness Week. Soon a number of the local radio stations wanted to interview me to discuss my mission of using Detours as a vehicle to provide support and offer hope and inspiration.   In May, 2017, I went to my first Infertility Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill. In June I had my first international interview with Natalie Silverman, founder of the Fertility Podcast,  from Manchester, England. Word surely has gotten around about Detours in just a few short months since its release. Infertility affected me so profoundly, I am called to be a voice and create positive change for all who are affected by this devastating disease. If you would like me to be a guest speaker at your infertility group, your local women's group, or your book club, or if you would like to interview me for your local radio station or newspaper or podcast, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


WHMI Radio interview

01 may 2017

Listen to Sue Johnston's interview with WHMI about the profound effects of infertility during National Infertility Awareness Week. 



26 April 2017

So many topics were covered in my interview on the Lucy Ann Lance Show 1290 WLBY for National Infertility Awareness Week. 


Where to get fertility support

Learn where and how to get more support when TTC from Karenna Wood, founder of  Your Fertility Hub from Perth Australia. And don't forget the value of face to face support.

Beat infertility

28 APRIL 2017

Check out my interview with Heather Human, founder of "Beat Infertility!" It is critical to remember no one can do this alone. Support is always key. 


The fertility Podcast

19 June 2017

In my interview with the Natalie Silverman, creator of  The Fertility Podcast from Manchester England, I share my husband Robert's story of and his conflicting struggles with his desire to be a US Navy Ship Captain, his time at sea and trying to become a father.


creating a family radio show/panel of five share their path to resolving their infertility

Dawn Davenport, founder of Creating a Family Radio Show leads an incredible discussion with five of the women from the bestselling fertility support book, Detours. Don't miss this one. 

Just one of the many incredible messages from the panel discussion on  Creating a Family  Radio Show.

Just one of the many incredible messages from the panel discussion on Creating a Family Radio Show.


15 May 2017

Tune into my interview with Stateside about my newly release fertility support book, Detours. It's a collection of stories that shows the many ways to build a family!

Your Fertility Hub

14 November 2017

In my interview with Karenna Wood, founder of  Your Fertility Hub from Perth, Australia, you will discover the importance of finding your TTC sisters and maintaining your healthy mind-body. Please take a listen. 

when perfect strangers become your new #bff's

Watch and listen to this fascinating conversation with Sue Johnston, Lisa Rosenthal and Betsy Campbell, three experts who are fertility advocates. You'll discover how important seeking support is on your fertility journey.