Meet Karenna Wood, Fertility Coach and Founder of "Your Fertility Hub"

My New Fertility “Mate” from Australia

Just recently, I was able to connect with a very special woman from Perth, Australia. (Don’tcha just I love how social media makes the world so much smaller???) I’d like to introduce you to my new “mate” and international fertility coach, Karenna Wood.

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What is a fertility coach?

Right now you may be asking yourself, I know what a fertility doctor is, but what is a “fertility coach?” So please allow me to explain.

Karenna is an expert in positive psychology, coaching techniques, hypnosis and meditation for fertility and is also an independent antenatal teacher and HypnoBirthing practitioner. She specializes in the emotional side of fertility and birthing and is a passionate advocate for mind-body medicine and the power of relaxation.

Karenna didn’t have a fertility journey herself. But she has studied the correlation between nurturing a healthy mind-body and increasing pregnancy rates. She specializes in teaching mind-body practices for getting pregnant, reducing anxiety and preparing for a positive birth experience.

“There is amazing evidence out there about the power of using the mind to affect the body and how successful this can be for helping people to get pregnant. I think that most people look at fertility in a completely medical sense (at least at first) and I want to empower women to take charge of their thoughts,” says Karenna.


How does the mind affect fertility?

Increasing relaxation can lower stress levels during infertility to make every day more positive and actually improve natural fertility. By honing healthy thoughts through visualization techniques, one can get the right kind of hormones flowing.

“It is not a cure, but it is an important piece of the puzzle,” says Karenna.


What is Your Fertility Hub[KW1] ?


Because she wants to spread the word about how important it is to care of oneself emotionally during infertility, Karenna created “Your Fertility Hub.” [KW2] She also wants to provide people with the access to great tools to reduce the negative impact of dealing with the overwhelming disease of infertility in order to boost one’s natural fertility. So, Karenna created Your Fertility Toolbox[KW3] , which is a free members area full of great articles, interviews, free downloads and access to an exclusive online support group.

 Karenna also offers private fertility coaching with her clients. She welcomes people to make an appointment for an initial phone consultation. She is so open and receptive and genuinely wants to help anyone and everyone she can internationally. She wants to make sure that she and her clients connect and can work together to optimize their chances at achieving pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby. So please do not hesitate to contact Karenna. She is a wealth of information and is passionate about helping others facing fertility struggles.

Book a free 30-minute call and learn more at


Please Do Yourself a Favor

So, please do yourself a favor and contact Karenna Wood, fertility coach and founder of Your Fertility Hub[KW4] . You will be so glad that you did. At the very least, jump on and join Your Fertility Toolbox [KW5] to get access to all her free resources, materials and community!

Sending positive vibes your way and may all your dreams come true!

In-Fertility & Friendship,


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