It Takes a Village to Support Those TTC

The more I get out there raising awareness about fertility struggles as a fertility support author, group leader, guest speaker and advocate, the more I realize that it takes a village to offer support. Some people are just in the beginning phase of finding out about their difficulties. Others have been on their TTC journey for years. 

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Once people hear me sharing my own story and what I am doing to help the fertility community, they feel comfortable enough to tell me their stories and share ways that they, too, can offer support. For example, this fall I sent a Tweet about an upcoming speaking engagement I had and I heard back from several people who are trying to make a difference in the fertility community. The woman I'd like to spotlight in this blog is Karenna Wood, founder of Your Fertility Hub from Perth, Australia. 

Karenna sent me a Tweet saying she'd like to interview me for her podcast, Your Fertility Hub. Taking into account the twelve hour time zone difference between Karenna in Australia and me here in Michigan, USA we scheduled and conducted our interview, which is available to listen to on the Media page of my website. Click on this link below: 

Karenna was also kind enough to write a blog post about my book, Detours: Unexpected Journeys of Hope Conceived from Infertility. You can also read that post here:

After Karenna and I wrapped up our interview, she sent me a link so I could add it to my website. I was so grateful to Karenna for reaching out to me, that I have listed her on my Resources page because she provides such expert advice internationally. She offers free downloads, a blog, consultations and mind-body classes. Her tools for her toolbox are invaluable. And she is another example of how it takes a village to offer support, even globally. 

If you peruse my website, you will see that I also have interviews from Manchester, England as well as various places throughout the United States. If reading this blog ignites you to reach out to me to tell me about what you are doing to help the fertility community, I would be so thrilled to see how we can best work together. Sharing ideas, raising awareness, offering support and instilling hope for those on this journey is what I'm all about.

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I would love to hear from you.  

In-Fertility & Friendship,