The Fertility Podcast: An Amazing Support Resource

Just a few short months ago, I published Detours: Unexpected Journeys of Hope Conceived from Infertility. Prior to its launch, I really hadn't done a whole lot with social media except to message my friends on Facebook. But with a newly released book, I wanted to shout to the world that there was an unprecedented book out that included a collection of eleven people's journeys through infertility and toward resolution. Within a few short weeks, Detours had climbed to #1 on Amazon and all the while I was sharing its success on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

It didn't take very long for Natalie Silverman from Manchester, England of the Fertility Podcast to reach out to me to ask me if I'd like to share my story on her podcast. I was thrilled!  My first international interview!  Whoot! Our first attempt to connect from "across the pond" was right around the time of the Manchester terrorist bombing. What a terrible disaster that was! Even though I hadn't met Natalie, I couldn't help but pray for her and her family since I had been communicating with her. But, we persevered, rescheduled and she conducted the interview a few weeks later. You can actually listen to the interview on the Media page of my website. 

I soon learned perseverance is an innate quality of Natalie Silverman's. Here is a an excerpt directly from the "ABOUT ME" page of her  website: 

  "I went through fertility treatment, at 36 and am now the delighted Mum of a little boy, who was born in March 2015.  The journey was very daunting for my husband and I, and was definitely overwhelming at times. We chose to keep pretty quiet about what we going through.  I told my family, my husband didn’t. I told my best friend, my husband didn’t. 

I know I was lucky to have a close friend to talk to, as for many of us, that isn’t the case.  My husband only had me – because Men don’t talk at the best of times. This was one of our worse times. But we had a process to follow and once we knew the path we were on, we worked through it together.  Once pregnant, I knew I wanted to do more with my experience than just live it hence the creation of this podcast. I also wanted to make sure that the men were also heard... as my husband definitely felt that his viewpoint wasn’t important from the medical professionals we met. So once I had started this podcast I was keen to get the male point of view which you can hear in Episode 7 of Season 1.

When it comes to something like fertility of course you can Google to your heart’s content and read numerous blogs/books. Sometimes expert opinion just seems somewhat far removed, when you crave finding something, someone, who you can relate to, someone like you, someone who gets ‘it’.

That is what I hope to create with this blog and podcast.  A place for you, on your fertility journey – male or female, gay or straight, in a couple or single. I hope to offer a safe place of discussion, with interviews from fertility experts to support groups, other bloggers and people like you and me, who have been through or are going through treatment.

There’s no explained reason why some of us find that starting a family is not as straight forward as we all naively thought it would be and fertility is still a taboo subject for many.

You will need support. Wherever you choose to get it from, please know RIGHT HERE, is one constant source for you to trust and with your support will continue to pass on those pearls of wisdom that helped you get through and ease the troubles."

Natalie Silverman 2 producer P.jpg

Natalie Silverman's podcast is an amazing resource for any and all dealing with the overwhelming issues associated with infertility. As you have learned, she is especially interested in male factor infertility as she and her husband had to have an ICSI procedure to create their beautiful little boy, Phoenix. Natalie thoroughly embraced reading Detours before our interview and she clearly had done her homework. She knew that my husband had written a chapter in the book and was intrigued to know more about the emotional side of his journey too. She loves providing a source for others to share their stories and believes that no one can go through infertility alone.

There is something incredibly unique about listening to a podcast. You can play it whenever you choose. You can go back and listen to it all again in its entirety or just a portion that you want to hear again. It actually brings a story to life when you can hear two people communicating. Natalie is a master interviewer and you will love her podcast. She creates one new show every Monday and covers every infertility story imaginable. She would love to hear your story too!

Thanks for your support of Detours, and for all you do for the infertility community, Natalie! It is true pleasure to have a friend "across the pond" and I think you are brilliant!

In-Fertility & Friendship,