Why Should YOU Join a RESOLVE Peer Led Support Group?

When I was in the thick of my battle with infertility, I was afraid to join a support group. I didn't like the idea of divulging all of the tests and personal troubles I was having. I didn't want to share my innermost feelings with a group of total strangers. I thought I would collapse in a puddle on the floor if I talked about the depth of my despair about wanting to become a mother. I also was afraid that if I went to a support group, I'd become, "one of them"... a infertile woman, and I most assuredly didn't want to be that. I thought if I admitted I was having trouble I would jinx my chance at becoming a mother naturally. 

Soon I discovered how wrong I was. When I joined RESOLVE of San Diego, I met the most intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable women I have ever known in my life. They were able to help me find the right doctors and procedures and kept all my confidences. They were my best friends and they were my lifelines. 

FAST forward twenty years. 

My one and only miracle son is now finishing up college. I have more time to devote to my one true mission in life: to support other people struggling with infertility. Now that I am an "empty nester," I recently published an infertility support book, Detours: Unexpected Journeys of Hope Conceived from Infertility. Detours is an unprecedented book because you meet eleven couples who navigate their way through Assisted Reproductive Technology and gain their resolution in practically every way conceivable (pardon the pun). Please check it out on Amazon and order a copy today. I am sure the stories will provide hope and inspiration to anyone affected by infertility. (A portion of the proceeds from Detours will be donated to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.)

In May of 2017, I attended my first Infertility Advocacy Day in Washington D. C. so I could further support the infertility community by lobbying Congress for affordable access to care for all those struggling to build their families. Although I was surrounded by fellow like-minded people who also wanted to offer support, I sadly discovered that my home state of Michigan scored a "D" for infertility support. I was shocked! I couldn't just sit by and do nothing. I knew I would have to start my own support group when I returned from Advocacy Day. 

In less than a month of returning home, I filled out all the paperwork and started my own RESOLVE group in Brighton, MI. (Please check the volunteer page of my website to view the entire schedule of support meetings.)

I knew that I wanted my Peer Led Support Group to be:

* A group where people could confidentially share their stories, learn from each other and find hope.

* A group that offered a safe place to cry, get angry and maybe even laugh together a bit. 

* A group that is a retreat from the "fertile world" ...where others understand and empathize completely with what you are going through. 

* A group where you can be yourself and grieve your losses, share your dreams and learn to pick yourself up and embrace the next treatment or option until you find your resolution.

* A group where you can learn from the lessons of others who have already walked a mile in the "infertility shoes."

* A group that accepts your decision/s and whatever treatment/s or resolution that feels right for you with NO judgment on what you should or shouldn't be doing. 

* A group that will help you: navigate the infertility maze, cope with the stress of treatment, balance your career and infertility, gain support when you need it most and view your challenges through a different lens. 

* A group that will help you explore all options, gain peace and regain your happiness. 

Why should you join a RESOLVE Peer Led Support Group? 

Because there is a place for everyone. Whether you have primary or secondary infertility. Whether you are gay or straight. Whether you are a couple or a singleton trying to build a family. Whether you are just thinking about starting treatment or have been ttc for years. Whether it is YOU or someone YOU love, ALL are welcome at RESOLVE. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Anyone who is affected by the disease of infertility needs to join a RESOLVE group because no one can navigate the overwhelming issues associated with this disease alone. We need the courage, strength, hope and love of everyone to be able to beat infertility!

Please visit RESOLVE.org to find a support group near you. If there is not a support group, you will learn how easy it is to start one in your hometown. 

If you live in southeast Michigan, I encourage you to email me: sjohnstonadvocate@gmail.com and attend my next support group meeting. I welcome you with open arms. I am here for you!

In-Fertility & Friendship,






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