Voices from the WE ARE WORHTY SUMMIT: Introducing Andreia Trigo

Meet Andreia Trigo

My name is Andreia and I am the founder of inFertile, an mHealth organization providing physical and emotional support to people facing fertility challenges.

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Infertility at a Very Young Age

My infertility story started at a very young age. I was seventeen, had developed normally like other teenage girls do but I didn’t have periods. So, I went to the doctor, was examined and sat down to hear the words no seventeen year old expects to hear: “you are infertile, you don’t have a uterus”.

Coping with infertility at such a young age was very challenging.  I hadn’t thought about whether I wanted children or not, but I had a big family and had always assumed, it would happen in the right timing. I felt a rollercoaster of emotions, felt that my identity was being challenged, my role as woman, my role in family, in a relationship and in society was not the same. And I asked so many times “why me?”

I was reading positive psychology books and had a very supportive family. My dad kept saying “it’s not up to us to ask why, one day we will understand." This support gave me the strength to carry on and the hope that one day it would all make sense. At that point I made a very important decision: “If I can overcome this, there is nothing in life that I won’t be able to accomplish." I didn’t know how I was going to overcome it or how I was going to bring meaning to my life, but I was certain I was going to achieve it.

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Bringing Meaning to My Life

Since the beginning, I also wanted to share my story and connect with others. With ups and downs, resolution came 15 years past my diagnosis. I needed that time to heal, to understand that there are many ways to bring meaning to my life. It was the moment when I looked back and noticed I was ok enough, that I had reached acceptance, that I was leading a very happy and fulfilling life despite my circumstances. I also noticed many people around me who were still struggling with infertility, so I decided to create an organization that would help others cope with the losses of infertility, create their plan B and be successful in that journey.

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I had been a registered nurse for over 10 years. I decided to take a diploma in neurolinguistic programming and learn more about logotherapy (therapy through meaning). I’ve written a few books, did a TEDx on coping with infertility and was awarded NLP Coach of the year 2017. I had finally transformed my tragedy into a triumph by helping others. I finally understood why me.

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Practical Strategies to Reach Acceptance

I connected with Nicci Fletcher on social media because of the amazing work that she is doing for the childless not by choice community. At the We Are Worthy Summit, I presented a webinar on Practical Strategies to Reach Acceptance. Making the move towards acceptance is so challenging and takes time. Often people don’t know how or what to do. Having practical exercises that we can use to manage our thoughts and emotions can be very helpful in taking those first steps.

If you are curious about the work I’ve been doing and want to learn more, check out www.infertile-life.com.

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Andreia Trigo

Fertility Nurse Consultant | NLP Coach of 2017 | TEDx Speaker