Voices from the WE ARE WORTHY SUMMIT: Introducing Rosalind Bubb

Peaceful By Choice

Rosalind Bubb, international therapist and founder of  Peaceful By Choice

Rosalind Bubb, international therapist and founder of Peaceful By Choice

Hello, my name is Rosalind Bubb. I’m a therapist from the United Kingdom, and I provide international support for people who are childless not by choice using Skype and FaceTime. I’ve had twelve miscarriages, and no children, and yet I find myself in the surprising and unusual position of being very happy, peaceful and well... with no regrets... in spite of all of this. And this is why I support others, because I know that it is possible to feel happier than you do now.

You can contact me through either of my websites:

www.miscarriage-support.comproviding emotional care and practical tools to help you feel better

www.PeacefulByChoice.comhappiness and peace after childlessness

A Little About My Journey

I had always assumed that I would have children. On my thirty-second birthday, and after we’d been married for four years, my husband eventually felt ready to be a parent. We officially began “trying” to have a baby.

I conceived after just a couple of months, and then suffered a miscarriage at eight weeks, which broke my heart. The next pregnancy was ectopic. The third went up to fourteen weeks, when my routine scan (delayed from twelve weeks) showed that my baby had no heart-beat. This miscarriage also broke my heart.

I was referred to the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic in London and went through all they had to offer. My eleventh pregnancy was as a result of IVF (which was trying to ameliorate the effects of my immune system attacking my embryos) and again my heart was broken. Finally, shortly after my thirty-ninth birthday, we made the decision to stop trying to have children and to began the process of trying to coming to terms with being childless.

Becoming a Therapist

I started training to be a therapist between my second and third miscarriage. I worked in general therapy until 2013. Afterwards, I began formally to specialize in working with people who’ve had miscarriages; and more recently with people who are childless not by choice.

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The work which I’ve done on myself (both alone, and with the support of others) means that I can truthfully say that it feels as if I’ve had no miscarriages at all. They don’t hurt me anymore, and I no longer feel sad or upset, or wish that things had turned out differently. 

A Woman on a Mission

And I know that this is a really remarkable thing to say! – and that’s why I’m so passionate about what I do now. I know that it doesn’t have to be as devastatingly painful as it is for most people. I’m a “woman on a mission” to share what I know with others. That’s why I’m so delighted to be taking part in the We Are Worthy Summit which has been organized by Nicci and Andrew Fletcher.

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I first met Nicci in October 2017. In my practise as a therapist I use two very powerful and effective self-help tools, one of which is EFT “tapping” (Emotional Freedom Techniques.) I’ve been making EFT “tap-along” videos since 2013, which allow me to guide you through using this very helpful technique, simply and straight-forwardly, from the comfort of your own home.

Nicci had already experienced the power of “tapping” and both she and Andrew had found it extremely beneficial and valuable. So she jumped at the chance of having a “tap-along” video in each edition of the online “Childless Not By Choice” magazine which they began in December 2017. And that’s what I’ve been contributing. (There is a free edition of the magazine available on the website, if you would like to try using a “tap-along” video for yourself.)


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My "Peaceful By Choice" Webinar

And so it was a natural step for me to be a part of the We Are Worthy Summit. I’m presenting a webinar about “How to be happy and peaceful after childlessness” on 26th April 2018, and you would be extremely welcome to join us. (It will be recorded, so if you cannot make that date you can still register, and it will be sent to you.)

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During the webinar I’ll be introducing you to my “6 Step Plan for being happy and peaceful after childlessness.” This is a tried and tested process which I used myself.  I will be guiding others through the process during my webinar. You will discover that it really does work! These simple and practical steps can help you to live a happier, more enjoyable life... whatever your circumstances.

My Two Blog Sites

I decided to write a blogs about all of this in the summer of 2017. I write in two capacities:

The miscarriage support blog is here – http://www.miscarriage-support.com/blog

And the childlessness support blog is here - https://www.peacefulbychoice.com/blog

What I'd Like You To Know

It’s not commonly known about, but there are simple and effective ways to change the way you feel - on a very profound level, and on a daily basis. You can learn how to do those for yourself.

With love and my warmest wishes,

Rosalind xx

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Helping you to be peaceful after childlessness.

Helping you to be peaceful after childlessness.